Trustee Investment Service

At Financial Advice & Services Ltd, we are experienced in dealing with the specific requirements of Trusts as well as individual and corporate clients. Our aim is to form long term relationships with our clients but our Trust Review Service can be provided as a one-off facility.

We will review the existing Trust documentation and assets and provide the Trustees with an initial report detailing the Trust’s compliance with the Act and any immediate or longer term action we recommend.

The new Trust:

Every new Trust should have at least a basic review to establish whether or not it falls within the requirements of the Act and this service will give you peace of mind as to what actions should be completed next and whether an investment specialist should be appointed to the Trust to complete regular investment reviews. We will also highlight the key implications of the Act in relation to the new Trust and the Taxation position of any existing assets.

The established Trust:

This service provides a detailed report analysing the existing investment policy statement, if there is one, and how the Trust assets and current reviews fit in relation to the Act and the objectives of the Trust themselves. The report will explain the current Taxation legislation as it applies to the Trust and its assets and comments on the current diversification strategy, providing an overall review of the Trust’s current position.

New and established Trusts:

This comprehensive investment report includes detailed recommendations for any amendments required to the existing Investment Policy Statement with a draft policy for Trustees to adopt together with recommendations of any reallocation of assets to address any weaknesses in the existing investment portfolio. The report will also include a strategy for implementation of the recommendations and ongoing investment reviews.

Our fees will be agreed after assessing your requirements and on a case by case basis. We always provide confirmation of what we will charge you in advance of any work we agree to undertake.